• Hypo Cat

Cat allergy – an underestimated issue

10 % of the population is allergic to cats. These people often face health issues like itching, coughing fits or even asthma. In many cases, the only possible solution seems to be giving away the beloved cat.
Cats transfer the Fel d 1 protein, the trigger of the allergy, to their fur when licking. The protein is then transferred on to furniture or clothes, making it almost impossible for allergic cat holders to escape the allergen.

How HypoCat™ works

Hypo Cat™ vaccinates the cat against the allergen to which the human is allergic, thereby reducing cat allergies among humans. The cat will not be harmed as the protein to which humans are allergic appears not to be of critical importance for the animal.

Our vision

The aim is that people affected by cat allergy will be able to keep their cat at home. Reducing the amount of allergen may even enable to invite friends with a pet allergy.