• HypoPet

Cat and dog allergies – an underestimated issue

10% of the population is affected by cat allergy, while 5% of the population suffers from dog allergy. The Fel d 1 (cats) and the Can f 1 and 2 proteins (dogs) – the cause of pet allergies in humans – are transferred to the fur by saliva and sebaceous glands by licking the fur. The protein is then transferred on to furniture or clothes, making it almost impossible for allergic cat holders to escape the allergen.

Our aim of HypoPet

Pet owners affected by cat or dog allergy often see no other option than to give away their beloved pet. The concept of HypoPet is the development of a vaccine without side effects that renders pets hypoallergenic by neutralizing the allergens the humans are allergic to. Less allergen therefore will be present and allergic symptoms will be reduced. It is our mission to push research, development and market approval for HypoCat™ und HypoDog™.